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Your business changes and evolves, and we believe automation must keep pace with it. Here at Dynamic AI56 we figure out how we can improve your business communication with minimally invasive effort. We are focused on providing complex integrated solution, so we study how your employees use various communication tools across departments of your company.

Key features

  • Semantic engine
  • 3-15 secs response time on automated cases with 95%+ precision
  • Self-learning in real-time
  • 3 samples per category vs. 1,000 on Deep Learning
  • Routing to right persons based on content
  • Enhancement of brand management analytics
  • Data path free from third-parties strengthening security
  • Channel-independent architecture
  • Strict precision control with prediction of right answer probability


First ever communication automation system with dynamic learning that seamlessly integrates into your company, constantly improving and growing with your business by itself autonomously and without assistance.

Our AI constantly observes conversation flows and actions made by human being operators to determine automation patterns and starts doing automation when considering its process knowledge confident using our precision reasoning approach.


Eventually, AI Process Automation will propose actions for evaluation and later start processing them automatically in real time.

Fraction of input traffic is still passed to human operators to gather feedback and maintain high precision of the response.

Complete Solution


Complete Solution

1. Advanced system monitoring based on expandable modular architecture: volumes and types of traffic, financial statistics, customer feedback, types of automation, etc.
2. Flexible selection of statistics for managers: by department, channel, category, type of automation, time interval, etc.
3. You get a single system for automating all the communications in your company: social networks, instant messengers, web chat widgets, e-mail, voice calls, etc.
4. Today we integrate with many communication systems and are ready to quickly integrate more communication channels your company needs (custom CRM or even SMS)
5. Implementing automation in your company has never been so easy. We carry out initial setup, tuning and testing of automation for your business communication, and you get a flexible interface to control all aspects of the automation.
6. Each type of automation has flexible set of settings: operation hours, budget limit, data volumes, system confidence threshold, number of dedicated human operators, etc.
7. Rotation and dynamic generation of responses make the system indistinguishable from the human operator for the end-customer. A/B testing allows you to strengthen the positive impression of your company’s brand.
8. The unique technology of semantic classification enables you to detect and automate repetitive work on the fly. And even do it without long and costly cycles of ML training.
9. A fully automated FAQ system that learns new questions and the corresponding answers in real-time based on the experience of operators can significantly reduce workload on your employees while improving the quality of the customer support.
10. We have integrated most popular ML automation approaches on the market so that you could easily switch to our platform on the first stage and only afterwards, if necessary, begin taking advantage of the next generation automation technologies.
11. Now you do not need to use third-party solutions for routing and traffic aggregation - our system can do all this “out of the box”
12. If some policy has changed in your company, you can easily and quickly make changes to the automated conversation system without wasting time using programmers or calling support.
13. Centralized control over automation and routing allows you to turn on / off / redirect entire communication channels or specific message samples in seconds.
14. Centralized limitation of automation level, budget, work schedule, etc. will give you complete confidence that what is subject to automation and what is not.
15. Forget about the huge corpora for ML -- our patented technology allows you to create categories based on just a few messages with a operation confidence of 95% or more!
16. Unique feature of our NLP stack is ability to understand and process large text messages that are typical of business correspondence, which may have more than one key meaning or conditional turnovers.
17. Our Natural-language understanding engine is able to get sarcasm, meaning in emoji, urban talk, linguistically incorrect constructions and many other inalienable features of real human communication.
18. Our NLU Core is able to identify different communication styles in terms of meaning: business, casual, chatty, etc.
19. Manual creation, editing and expansion of static categories is easily accessible through the web interface. And the automation system is ready to pick up your changes on the fly.
20. The interface for quick loading and exporting of ML data in public formats gives you great flexibility in choosing a contractor for automation. It is enough to take the data and import it into our system.
21. Monitoring the company's spent costs in real-time through a web interface from a laptop, tablet or mobile.
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We are focused on providing complex integrated solutions for different industries: E-commerce, Energy, Logistics, Airlines, Financial Services, Retail, etc.

One solution for all communication channels

  • Social Media → Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • E-Mail → GMail, Outlook, etc.
  • Messengers → Facebook, etc.
  • Chat-based tools → Slack, website widgets, etc.
  • Voice → calls & assistance

Any CRM/ERP/RPA you use, we integrate on a turnkey basis in our product as soon as possible

Communication Stack

We work for results

Communication Stack

We work for results
1. We automate and optimize your business communications.
2. Dynamic AI integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP applications.
3. Dynamic AI integrates with Salesforce CRM platform.
4. We can integrate with SAP built on top of NetWeaver like CRM, ERP or custom solutions.
5. RPA-Platforms
6. Contact Center Platforms
Voice assistant

According to Forbes, 85% of business communication (Customer Care, HR, Finance/Ops, ...) via E‑Mail, Chat, Messaging,... is repetitive, time-consuming, costly but imperative for enterprise success. Therefore we fully automate in real-time repetitive work!

Complexity and diversity of business communication

Common traits of business communication in every enterprise:

  • Are present in both internal and external communication HR, Customer Care, Sales, Finance, etc.
  • Require many negotiations via different channels E-Mail, Instant Messaging, Voice calls, etc.
  • Have constant struggle to maintain high productivity of operators call-center trainings, instructions, supervision
  • Depend on corporate information systems CRM, ERP, Accounting, etc.
  • Is tied with throughput scalability issues dealing with sudden bursts of traffic

We deliver Orchestration

Business process automation in a large company is always a synergy of diverse solutions available on market aimed to keep business running. Building of such complex workflows requires significant efforts.

Dynamic AI56 integrates seamlessly with existing automation solutions in your enterprise technology stack to provide dynamic orchestration of business communication flows driven by the AI.

Dynamic AI56 software is modular and can be used as either:

  • Building blocks for your existing RPA toolchain
  • Orchestrator for passing communication between various channels
  • Brand management and quality control of the automation

Dynamic AI56 augments your communication flows with AI automation while keeping your business processes running.

Our product aims for seamless integration with your existing workflows and tools.

Integration with popular communication tools

  • E-Mail providers
  • Social media
  • CRMs and databases
  • Instant messaging / Chats
  • API (Voice)

Find out more in our video

Our Technologies

Human communication is natural

Our Technologies

Human communication is natural
More information on DeepTech

Keeping constant client focus in mind we have created a new NLU technology that has opened up the possibility of structuring all your communication data without human interaction. Together with new approaches in seamless integration it has created a new generation of software solutions for improving communication in companies.

Vision & Mission

We have been working on AI products since 2015 to help people to focus on the important things in life. So we decided to help enterprises managing successfully their transition to the “Empathy Economy” via our AI Process Automation and beyond.

We believe that in the years to come the vast majority of repetitive actions in enterprises will be handled by machines and that we are one of the leading companies that are shaping this near future.

The ultimate goal for us is to provide comprehensive B2B solution that integrates within the company communication streams supporting diverse conversation channels and coping with various business processes across departments.

Future of automation is Orchestration

  • AI-powered coordination of automation tools
  • Synergy of various vendors for delivering a complete solution
  • Autonomous process mining for repetitive work
  • Feedback-driven evolution and self-correction
  • Continuous real-time operation and learning

Today we represent the first technology of its kind capable of learning from your operations, growing and developing along with your business, fulfilling the highest requirements on safety and providing quality control by itself.





Tailored for your business

Dynamic AI aims to provide a comprehensive solution suitable for your business taking into account specifics of your industry. Flexible automated message processing system enables integration with your company's business processes across departments and branches. The system can learn operators' behaviour and adapt to changes instantly if your business strategy has to change.

Strict precision control for automated actions opens possibilities to proactive brand management and positive customer experience. The system is extensible to interface with corporate information systems and databases to fetch information or provide more actions. It is also possible to employ existing automation systems and build orchestration solution for business communication tools used by the company.


With help of E-Commerce, an organization is benefitted through better business conducts. Dynamic AI allows building effective business communication and provides automation on a large scale.
Whether it’s about shipping, refunds, shopping baskets and/or other concerns – with Dynamic AI, you always process customer enquiries quickly, efficiently and conclusively.


In travel industry dealing with exceptional situations is crucial for customer satisfaction. Dynamic AI can provide automation for social networks communication to convey information about delayed flight or cancelled booking by learning correct instructions from human operator and then sharing them with affected customers if found relevant (e.g. passengers of the same flight). In case some circumstances change, Dynamic AI can adapt a new situation almost instantly.


In the field of logistics, companies can benefit from a high degree of automation.
Dynamic AI independently processes queries in the areas of sending, receiving, damage and loss and meets customer expectations for fast information across all channels.
Integration with corporate information systems enables rapid access and update of information for customers and operators.

Health Care

New reimbursement standards as well as connectivity and consumer expectations are changing health systems.
Drive patient-centric engagement powered by social, mobile and chat interactions with omni-channel architecture from Dynamic AI.
Streamline care coordination with smarter patient management, and collaborate across the entire care network in real-time.
With privacy included in Dynamic AI, you can develop patient satisfaction and trust as no third-parties are involved in automated message processing.


Dynamic AI supports energy providers in the e-mail and chat channels in answering customer enquiries about products, services and contracts. Our tool is available to customer service teams 24/7 and reliably.


Shoppers demand a seamless customer experience. Collaboration and communictaion tools are used to personalise in-store experiences.
Take advantage of automation of business communication that empowers everyone – from associates to customer service to management.
Provide a single view of the customer across diverse communication channels.

Business Model


Business Model

The graph shows the dynamics of the actual and projected growth in traffic processing costs in the communications market.
The graph shows the average cost and savings for partial or full integration of our product into a running company.

Business model

Dynamic AI's primary goal is lowering cost spent for employees doing business communication as well as back office tasks in your company. Therefore we start with an analysis where we ask customers to provide messages that are actually used in business communication. We determine what types of work are done by employees and classify it as either repetitive or non-repetitive.

Most cases of repetitive human work can be automated, which can be more than 80% of all cases.

Our offering

Based on traffic analysis we offer to automate all found eligible repetitive human work on business communication.
We offer an automation solution having less cost than repetitive human work but still reflecting your company in the communication and which is available 24/7.
Customer savings can reach 64% or more compared to operator-backed processing cost.


Solution pricing includes monthly fixed support fee which ensures smooth operation of our system at customer-chosen facility either cloud or on-premise.

Additional non-recurrent integration fee may be applicable to support development of integration modules to connect to customer's business information systems like CRM or ERP.

Customers pay for all the input traffic, including automated and non-automated cases, which are then routed to human operators and receive all needed data from traffic like brand management (sentiment analysis), big data, as well as KPIs needed for steering the business.

Use Cases

We offer individual solutions

Use Cases

We offer individual solutions
We often sign NDAs with our customers, therefore list of partners and public demo recordings is not exhaustive.
Please contact us for more information.
Complete solution

Latest public records *

Social networks integration live demo.Social networks integration live demo.Sending media-rich replies via twitter public and direct messages as well as Facebook for airline company requests. DynamicAI SageMaker Demo - 19th Sep 2109DynamicAI SageMaker Demo - 19th Sep 2109Walkthrough of building message classification tool using our SageMaker demo model offering. Demonstration of how to add new messages, define relation between them to teach the system and how to get classification for previously unseen message. Sample code available here <> Customer Care in CRM - 19th Sep 2109Customer Care in CRM - 19th Sep 2109Live Demonstration of CRM integration for Energy Company. Anthology is used to detect and follow ticket workflow for different cases. Entity detection is used to fill fields in the CRM ticket records. AWS SUMMIT in Anaheim - 11th Apr 2019AWS SUMMIT in Anaheim - 11th Apr 2019We gave a talk "AI for Automated Business Communication: from Research to Production" featuring Live Demo recording at the Startup Alley. We focused on how the AWS platform helped us to start from zero to AI in the fly. Social Media use case - 2nd Jan 2019Social Media use case - 2nd Jan 2019Brand empathy example for airline company featuring 2 cases: draft Twitter response for positive feedback and assign rewards, dealing with complaint request from Facebook, showcase of processing large texts, automated reaction... Finance use case - 5th Oct 2018Finance use case - 5th Oct 2018Dealing with a typical financial services to collect all needed information from the client to propose right product: dynamic anthology principle for forming a decision three, gathering info for mortgage refinance, introduction of... Customer Care use case - 3rd Oct 2018Customer Care use case - 3rd Oct 2018Dealing with a huge volume of complaints due to billing service failure: dynamic learning of operator`s response, feedback-assisted response, fully automatic response, routing of request from site chat widget to corporate Slack account... Human Resources use case - 20th Sep 2018Human Resources use case - 20th Sep 2018Workflow automation for HR specialist dealing with job applications: incoming message classification, HR databases lookup and update, e-mail drafting of responses on behalf of HR manager, request redirection to facilitate approval...
More video here >>
Latest News

We always move forward

Latest News

We always move forward

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EUTechChamberEU Tech Chamber German Chapter Digital Panel 8th June 2021 - Online, DE We discussed the latest trends in the IT sphere, as well as modern challenges and answers to them in this direction. NOAHNOAH Conference 13th-14th Jun 2019 - Berlin, DE We presented our company and product showcase to investors and exhibiting innovative companies from US and Europe. BerlinMARSMARS Conference 4th-7th Jun 2019 - Las Vegas, USA We were looking at pioneering AI science and practical applications and presented our approach during networking sessions. Las VegasVivaTechnologyViva Technology 16th-18th May 2019 - Paris, FR We presented our innovative approach to automation of business communication to leaders, investors and startups as well as participated in networking activities. ParisAWSAWS SUMMIT 11th April 2019 - Anaheim, USA We gave a talk "AI for Automated Business Communication: from Research to Production" featuring Live Demo recording at the Startup Alley. We focused on on how the AWS platform helped us to start from zero to AI in the fly. AnaheimIntelligentAutomationIntelligent Automation 3th-6th Dec 2018 - Austin, USA We led an Interactive Discussion Group focusing on communications structure inside a typical company and novice approaches for automating various communication cases, especially social networks. AustinIntelligentAutomation3rd Annual Intelligent Automation 26th-28th Nov 2018 - London, UK We led an Interactive Discussion Group about AI Process Automation in Business Communication discussing various aspects of dealing with huge streams of internal and external communication. LondonTheCustomerServiceSummitThe 8th Annual Customer Service Summit 4th-5th Oct 2018 - New York, USA We presented application of our AI technology to customer care featuring dynamic learning and automated responses. Also we demonstrated Dynamic Anthology approach for automating communication in finance and insurance use cases. New YorkThe AI SummitThe AI Summit 19th-20th Sep 2018 - San Francisco, USA We presented our novice approach to employ AI technologies to dynamically automate large volumes of repetitive business communication leaving time for human operators to deal with complex cases. San FranciscoTechcrunchDisrupt SF 5th-7th Sep 2018 - San Francisco, USA We presented our vision for automated business communications at the Startup Alley showing that most of repetitive communication can be automated with unique synergy of AI, NLP and Genetic algorithms. San Francisco
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We are open for you
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Pricing model

Pricing depends on deployment and desired communication channels and may include:

  • License fee
  • Volume-based billing (e.g. per number of messages processed)
  • Support and consulting activities coverage (per FTEs involved)

Implementation plan

To provide comprehensive solution for your business case, we usually go through these steps:

  • Prospective Live Demo
  • Dirty demo with your data
  • Proof-of-concept implementation
  • Custom integration and deployment
  • Production rollout and optimizations

Benefits for your business

  • 50%+ cost savings in every TCO
  • Brand management that enables boost of customer satisfaction
  • Response time to customers/ employees/ suppliers 3-15 sec
  • High-level of data security met for enterprise clients
  • Omni-channel solution for any industry
  • 95%+ precision of dynamic classification with strict precision control
  • 3 samples per category vs. 1,000 on Deep Learning